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We have all been there. You need to be somewhere soon and then you somehow lock your keys in the car or lock yourself out of the house. It happens. It is never fun but there is a remedy. Finding a good and responsive locksmith that can get to you quickly is the key. Pardon the pun! The mere process of hiring a locksmith can be stressful. This only is made worse when you are in a car key emergency or are locked out of your home. You need a locksmith with the right tools and skills to make a key the right way and best of all can arrive quickly. Emergency Locksmith Atlanta is your go to locksmith for times just like this! Please do not be fooled by cheap quotes over the phone. Many times other locksmiths will promise you the world only to find out that the quote they promised was misleading at best. Sometimes the quote is only for the service call, then you end up paying hundreds of dollars more for the actual service. This will not happen with Emergency Locksmith Atlanta! We will ALWAYS give you the price upfront. What ever you are quoted is exactly what you will pay. Every time. Period. End of story. Emergency Locksmith Atlanta is an automotive locksmith business specializing in car keys and residential lockouts. We service the entire metro Atlanta and can arrive quickly. We possess the right skills, knowledge and technology required to cut and program keys. We can make keys to fit up to 95% of vehicles on the road. We are always up to date with the market in order to cover all automotive locksmith needs for our customers - from classic cars to high-end luxury vehicles. Nobody does it better or faster than us. Even if you have been told that other locksmiths cannot make the key - we can do it! With Emergency Locksmith Atlanta, key cutting and programming are always done at NO additional cost with every car key, flip key, fob key and remote key. Thank you for checking us out!

We look forward to speaking with you soon. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or comments. Use our contact form to send us a message.

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